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  • Corporate One on One - Peter 
    ""I believe that your ability to focus on the key issues in a short amount of time, and provide me with the tools and rationale to change my behavior, were one of the key drivers of my enhanced performance.""

  • Manners for Kids - Kate 
    ""My kids had so much fun in this program. They came home teaching us skills that we had forgotten. Even the boys had a great time.""

  • Business Consultingq - Joanna 
    ""The seminar was a fun way to sharpen our level and professionalism and help with the way we handle ourselves on a daily basis. Melenie was bright and entertaining.""

  • Corporate Program - Susan 
    ""Melenie helped remind me of the importance of impressions.""

  • Customized Corporate Prog - Julia 
    ""Our sales team not only had a great time in Melenie's program but were able to put the very practical skills to use immediately. " "

  • Cotillion - Sue 
    ""Thank you for your time and excellence in leading our children through cotillion. Many have commented on what a "magical" and "truly lovely" evening they had.""

  • Manners for Girls - Sue 
    ""I wanted to thank you for having these classes. My granddaughter just loves them and she really is practicing what she's learning. Sometimes it just takes an outside influence and a fun atmosphere to make meaningful inroads." "

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